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About us

Place Bonbon is above all a spread of happiness! Place Bonbon offers you a fun variety of jujubes, chocolates, Jelly Belly and gummies in bulk. Also, try our homemade products such as our fudges, macarons, chocolates and more.

By Place Bonbon

For those with a sweet tooth, it is only natural that we had the idea of offering you a beautiful range of homemade products, all made with good ingredients and produced with love. Ideal treats for you or your loved ones.

• Macarons
• Fudges
• Chocolates
• Gift basket

Online store

Our online store allows you to make your purchases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have them delivered anywhere in Canada.
Let yourself be tempted by creating a mixed bag of candies according to your taste! Spoil yourself with our homemade products available online.